Data Connector

Take advantage of our Universal Data Connector, a middleware platform that needs very little to no coding and is rich with business content from major packages such as SAP, Salesforce etc.

Built on open Data Standards and with wide business content, our Data Connector is the platform for integration, APIs, and automation.

Connect systems and platforms in batch mode or real-time. Data Connector is built with a lot of business content from packages like Salesforce, SAP etc. Thus we reduce the time to develop integrations and minimize coding.

Data Connector
  • Our custom Universal Connector for integration
  • Integration experience with:
    • ERPs like SAP / MS Dynamics / Oracle Apps
    • Salesforce Clouds - Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds
    • E-commerce (SAP Hybris, Magento, Shopify Plus etc.)
    • Mobile and Web apps
    • File Systems / Databases