Big Data Advisory & Strategy

If you are considering the role of Big Data in your company and need advice you can trust, we offer a variety of independent ‘getting ready’ services including:

  • Big Data Project Orientations
  • Readiness Assessment and Planning

Big Data Implementations

Based on your requirements, our experienced team can implement any of the leading NoSQL big data systems and the associated systems necessary to extract and analyze the data.

Some adopters have found it valuable to begin their technology involvement with a Big Data Proof of Concept Project.  These typically have a narrow or even single business focus and are structured to both show benefit and to reveal the business and technology challenges that will be experienced in a full scale implementation.

  • Full Big Data Technology Implementation
  • Proof of Concept Projects


Big Data Predictive Analytics

If you have significant data already available in your data warehouse or if you have already moved down the road toward Big Data stores and now need to explore how to achieve even more value from these resources, you may be grappling with what types of predictive analytics will allow you to achieve that value.

We offer a similar series of orientation, readiness, and planning services focusing just on Predictive Analytics, as we do for the larger topic of Big Data.

  • Predictive Analytics Project Orientations
  • Readiness Assessment and Planning
  • Predictive Analytics Implementation
  • Predictive Analytics as a Service


Big Data Staff Augmentation

Data-Magnum maintains an extensive network of independent contractors and consultants that can fill the gaps in your team.  We can deliver these resources quickly, at very competitive rates, and offer a satisfaction guaranty.  Talented Big Data analysts, engineers, scientists, designers, and developers are in short supply.  We can help you find them whatever you call them.

Business training

Big Data Training

We provide comprehensive training for engineers either near our locations or at your site.  When starting out in Big Data many clients find the need to up-skill their current engineers to add to their abilities and master these new open-source or proprietary technologies.  Content reflects real-world experience preparing your employees to solve real-world challenges in this new and rapidly evolving field.