Full Big Data Technology Implementation & Visualization

Based on your requirements, our experienced team can implement any of the leading NoSQL big data systems and the associated systems necessary to extract and analyze the data.  We are also equipped and experienced in setting up cloud based HDFS farms which avoid the capital expenditure for expanding your data store.  You may also wish to discuss with us hybrid solutions that utilize your existing capacity first and add cloud-based servers if your needs expand beyond internal capacity.  This approach is particular useful when first getting started when the full scope of data storage requirements may not be well known, and is also useful in many research environments where individual research projects with limited lifetimes may add unexpected volume to the system.

Proof of Concept Projects & Visualization

Some adopters have found it valuable to begin their technology involvement with a Big Data Proof of Concept Project.  These typically have a narrow or even single business focus and are structured to both show benefit and to reveal the business and technology challenges that will be experienced in a full scale implementation.  This is good training and experience for in-house staff and represents a limited-cost, limited-risk demonstration that can frequently be achieved either within the limits of your current hardware capability or through cloud-based capacity rental programs such as Amazon’s.