If you are considering the role of Big Data in your company and need advice you can trust, we offer a variety of independent ‘getting ready’ services including:

Big Data Project Orientations & Visualization

Half-day, full-day, and multi-day presentations and working group sessions:  We will custom design these sessions with your input to provide the decision makers and stakeholders the level of detailed understanding they need to move to the next step.  These can be high level or can focus on a particular process, project, or capability as you direct.

Readiness Assessment and Planning & Visualization

If you have a specific project in mind but need to bring your team up to speed and build a project plan, we will design and execute an assessment project that typically runs from one to several weeks.  Depending on your needs, the deliverable can be an appropriately detailed implementation plan focusing on the business objectives, the skills and capabilities required to achieve them, and the technology and business process gaps that must be addressed before moving forward.  We can prepare these either working with your project team’s active involvement in the plan or we can conduct this as a more self-contained study with less employee involvement.  Readiness Assessments can answer the question of do you really need a Big Data solution, which combination of Big Data technologies is most likely to fill your needs, and what is the roadmap from the final business objective (increased sales, stop fraud, reduce churn, etc.) back through the required predictive analytics to the data and how it is to be collected, stored, and extracted.  These findings can also be the basis for updating your IT Strategic Plan.