Big Data Predictive Analytics & Visualization

If you have significant data already available in your data warehouse or if you have already moved down the road toward Big Data stores and now need to explore how to achieve even more value from these resources, you may be grappling with what types of predictive analytics will allow you to achieve that value.

Almost all Big Data projects must still pass through predictive analytic processes to yield actionable results.  This may be as simple as reports, visualization, or dashboards, or as sophisticated as real-time scoring of customers on your web site on talking to your service rep by phone right now.  You may also want to utilize new Big Data analytic technologies that allow you to analyze and act on unstructured data such as text from social media, IM, or Twitter, or to deeply analyze your web logs.  Business value can only be achieved after Big Data, or even not-so-big-data has been analyzed with the right predictive analytics tools, and the results interpreted in a way that is actionable in your business. We offer a similar series of orientation, readiness, and planning services focusing just on Predictive Analytics, as we do for the larger topic of Big Data.

Predictive Analytics Project Orientations

Half-day, full-day, and multi-day presentations and working group sessions:  We will custom design these sessions with your input to provide the decision makers and stakeholders the level of detailed understanding they need to move to the next step.  These can be high level, or can focus on a particular process or project, or can be used to brainstorm and prioritize a portfolio of possible Predictive Analytic projects that provide a roadmap for action.

Readiness Assessment and Planning

If you have a specific project in mind but need to bring your team up to speed and build a project plan, we will design and execute an assessment project that typically runs from one to several weeks.  Depending on your needs, the deliverable can be an appropriately detailed implementation plan focusing on the business objectives, the skills and capabilities required to achieve them, and the gaps that must be addressed before moving forward.  We can prepare these either working with your project team’s active involvement in the plan, or we can conduct this as a more self-contained study with less employee involvement.  Readiness Assessments can answer the question of how you will benefit from each type of predictive analytics, which predictive analytic techniques and packaged solutions are most likely to achieve your goals, and what is the roadmap from the final business objective (increased sales, stop fraud, reduce churn, etc.) back through the required predictive analytics to the data and how it is to be collected, stored, and extracted.

Predictive Analytics Implementation

If your decision is to bring some or all of the predictive analytics process in-house, we will design and execute the implementation project using our experience technical and predictive analytic resources.  We will lead package selection and implementation and can facilitate training.  We can also provide periodic sustainment reviews following go-live to ensure your staff is on target to deliver the value you seek.

Predictive Analytics as a Service

Many of the highest payoff projects utilizing predictive analytics require extremely specialized knowledge of data science, mathematical and statistical methods, experience with a variety of predictive techniques, and the experience and insight with business goals to ask the right questions at the right time.  If you are not yet prepared to invest in hiring your own data scientists then we are prepared to offer this capability as a service either on a project basis or on a longer term contract until you are comfortable with hiring and maintaining your own staff.